8535138 11.1V 4500mAh Lithium polymer battery packs

1. Sufficient capacity: using domestic and foreign brand raw materials, sufficient capacity, low internal resistance, and stable voltage 2. Stable performance: long cycle life, high energy density, wide operating temperature range, stable discharge voltage

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Key Specifications/Special Features: Single battery model: 8535138 Packing method: PVC heat shrinkable film Single battery voltage: 3.7V Nominal voltage after the battery pack is assembled: 11.1V Single battery capacity: 4500mAh Battery combination: 3 string and 1 parallel Battery voltage range after combination: 7.5V~12.6V Battery capacity after combination: 4500mAh Battery pack power: 49.95W Battery pack size:25.5*36*141mm Maximum discharge current: <4.5A Instantaneous discharge current: 9A~13.5A Maximum charging current: 0.2-0.5C Charge and discharge times: >500 times 11.1V polymer lithium battery ①Comply with relevant national standards and requirements for batteries ②All finished battery products have been calibrated and tested before leaving the factory. They can be used directly1.Long operation life: Cycle life is up to 1000 times in normal conditions; 2.Low self discharge: 80% capacity retention after 1year; 3.Strong emergency adaptability: It can charge quickly in 1~6h in emergency conditions; 4.Wide operation temperature range: It can be operated in the environment of -20~+60 centigrade; 5.Good safety and reliability: Each battery has a safety valve, so it can have high safety and reliability during long-period operation process or in major failures; 6.Pollution-free and no memory effect; 7.Different configuration could be met.market demand——raise product design proposal——preliminary assessment——issuing the trial produce ordering——products quality tracking——pilot plant test report——pilot plant test final report——pilot plant review report——concluding report

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