11.1V Cylindrical lithium battery product model 18650,7800mAh

11.1V Cylindrical lithium battery product model: XL 11.1V 7800mAh 11.1V Cylinder lithium battery technical parameters (specific design according to customer requirements - voltage / capacity / size / line) Single battery model: 18650 Packing method:Industrial PVC heat shrinkable film

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.Voltage of single cell: 3.7V .Nominal voltage after battery pack combination: 11.1V .Capacity of single battery: 2.6ah .Battery combination mode: 3 strings and 3 parallels .Voltage range of battery after combination:7.5v-12.6v .Battery capacity after combination: 7.8ah .Battery pack power: 86.58w .Battery pack size: 56* 59 * 69mm .Maximum discharge current: < 7.8A .Instantaneous discharge current: 15.6a-23.4a .Maximum charging current: 0.2-0.5c .Charging and discharging times: > 500 times11.1V Cylindrical lithium battery: .Meet the relevant national standards and requirements for batteries .All finished battery products are calibrated and tested before delivery. They can be used directly and normally. We strictly prohibit any fraudulent activity that might injure our customers and suppliers, as well as the Company. We follow certain procedures concerning the recognition, reporting, and investigation of any such activity. We adopt a third-party monitoring program to confirm the Company's compliance with this Code of Conduct. Monitoring activities may include announced and unannounced on-site factory inspection, review of books and records relating to employment matters, and private interviews with employees. We designate one or more of our officers to inspect and certify that the company's Code of Conduct is being observed. Records of this certification shall be accessible to our employees, agents, or third parties upon request. We designed our policy to eliminate conflicts between the interests of employees and the Company. Since it is difficult to define what constitutes a conflict of interest, employees should be sensitive to situations that could raise questions of potential or apparent conflicts between personal interests and the Company's interests. Personal use of Company property or obtaining Company services for personal benefit may constitute a conflict of interest.

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